Stitch Art

Converting an image to an embroidered or applique design is one of the most unique and personal ways to transform wearables or other items into a truly special work of art.

Using your photo or combination of photos, we will carefully digitize it, paying attention to stitch length and type, as well as color, to paint with thread. For larger images or special designs, we may also incorporate applique work.

Stitch Art is particularly suited to outerwear, bags & totes, chair backs, and similar items.

Digitizing for Stitch Art pieces starts at $35. Depending on the complexity of the image, quality of the photos, and size of the finished piece, the price may be more. This is a one-time fee, meaning no matter how many times you use the design, you won’t be charged any additional set-up. The garment or item you choose to embellish is charged separately.

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